Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kreator- Pleasure to Kill 1986

C'mon the album's name is PLEASURE TO KILL!! thats exactly what Kreator does they Fucking KILL! for being realeased in 1986 this album is brutal. Perhaps thats one of the reasons why this album is considered such a classsic becasuse back then people must have been shitting their pants when they first heard this. this is what I consider total thrashing death metal right here, pure brutal raw thrash. one thing that I find very true is that german thrash metal just seems to be more brutal and raw than american thrash. Just listen to early Exumer, Sodom, and Destruction albums, they are just dirty, raw, and fucking ferocious. Ask anyone into thrash, they will say that this album is one of the Genre definers. this album has definatly earned it's place in metal history. As far as my expierence with this album goes, at first it freaked me out. my very first Kreator song I ever heard was the title track Pleasure to Kill. Now putting this into to context  the extent of my thrash taste was limited to the Big four- Megadeth, Anthrax, Metallica, and bareley even Slayer yet. so when I first hear the fisrt few seconds with the Rototom drum intro into the brutal thrashing i was like wow! then came in the vocals and I was just thinking "Ewwwwwww thats terrible". but a couple more listens I realized it was actually kind of cool, but listing to the lyrics I was like What The Fuck?? I then looked them up and they actually kind of creeped me out, like when he says "Your body is so pretty but how will it look,When my perverted lust is stilled,No one to save you no parents or friends, Because they've already got killed,My only aim is to take many lives,The more the better I feel,My only pleasure is to hear many cries,From those tortured by my steel" It was like uhhhhh cause I wasent used to any lyrics like that, of course no I am but back then it was kind of scarey. But after a while I got the album and it just grew on me, eventually I loved it. The album Pretty much just pure fast brutallity all the way through with really grotesque lyrics and vocals. The riffs are all pretty much speed based less than they are melodic, with fast pounding drumming. my favorite song on the album is definalty Riot Of Violence which the Drummer Jurgen" Ventor" Reil sings." A man lies in the corner covered in blood" that line just rules. For some reason half the songs are sung by Mille, and the other half by Jurgen, and their voices sound a lot alike, but you can still tell the difference. I can see were alot of Death Metal bands say this album influenced them, cause it an be borderline death metal, but after this album Kreator took a more good songwriting oriented route, were the songs are a little less brutal, but honestly i think Kreator got better after this album, it's just that this one is the "Classic". My favorite Kreator album is probably Coma Of Souls. But this album definatly paved the way for more brutal bands soon to come.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Annihilator- Alice in Hell

Hello, here I am going to start out my blog with an album that is an amazing piece of Thrash Metal art, Annihilator- Alice in Hell. this is one of those albums for me that I can listen to all the way through and every song is good. This is melodic thrash at it's finest!
       Annihilator is a Canadian Heavy metal  band formed in 1984 by the leader and only permanent member, vocalist, guitarist and bassist Jeff Water.  Alice in hell is Annihilator's debut album and was released on September 5, 1989. I don't want to go into very much detail about the bands history in my blog posts, that's something you can do yourself by going to which I highly recommend because it is by far the most comprehensive metal website out there, probably about 90% of all the metal bands in the world are on there. I'm here to talk about the albums.
      I want to start off by saying that this album is amazing, it is defiantly one of the top thrash metal albums ever recorded in my opinion. Simply put it Jeff Waters is a genius, an absolutely creative person.  Anithihlator was probably the best canadian thrash bands on that scene that included bands like Razor, VioVod, Sacrifece, and Slaughter. First of all the riffs on this album are genius. they are unlike most thrash riffs in the world. Jeff waters song writing  skills longingly surpass most thrash guitarists. this album has amazing melodys while still being brutally fast at the same time. I remember the first annihilator song I ever heard was Ligeia which is the eighth track off the album. My first impression was more of a weird one than a good one. For some weird reason I just thought they sounded kinda weird and quirky ,and that's just it about this album, the riffs and melodys are just kinda weird to me, it's really hard to explain, im sure a lot of people would think im stupid for thinking it's weird, but that was my first impression. Of course when I first heard this i wasn't into near all the thrash I am now. not long after that though I realized that there was a lot of technical riffs and scale patterns throughout the whole album, and all the songs just started growing on me.
        Starting from the beginning of the album is Crystal Ann which right away was crazy. It's like a classical guitar instrumental. Right away you can tell there is a shit ton of talent here. right after that is the title track.....well technically not because it's called Alison Hell which is kind of weird like how Reign In Blood by Slayer has the track Raining Blood. anyways the song absolutely rules and it's catchy as hell. The melodic riffs in the beginning are amazing and just flow so well, and the course is just amazing. One thing that is really amazing on this album is  the bass playing, which Jeff played. The bass compliments the guitars so well with it's own little melodys. Lets talk about the vocals. the vocalist Randy Rampage has a unique voice. his voice is just kind of a calm gtrunting type of voice thats hard to explain but it defiantly fits the music. to bad though he left right after this album, and didn't coma back until 1999 to make the album Critera For The Black widow, then left again.
        Overall this album is just kind of hard to describe, it's just a good progressive melodic speed metal album that must be heard. in my opinoin annithihlator was never as good as their debut was although the next album Neverneverland is pretty good too. Listen to all the songs on this album first, Burns Like A Buzzsaw Blade, W. T. Y .D, Human insecticide....they are all good. good fast metal with great hooks and amazing guitar playing, it's no wonder that Dave Mustaine considered hireing Jeff Waters to be in Megadeth at one point. definatly a must for any thrash fan.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Skeletonwitch- Beyond the Permafrost

Skeletonwitch is an American thrash/black metal band from Athens Ohio formed in 2003 by Nate Garnette.
Skeletonwitch- what better of a name for this black thrashing death band. this album sounds exactly the way you would expect it to, but it has some twists. This album, well band is really unique to me they are like blackened thrash with NWOBHM elements. think thrashing death riffs most the time then some really melodic guitar parts. for all you guitarists out there- THIS ALBUM SHREDS. there is alot of guitar shredding with all kinds of ripping solos with amazing melody. I think it needs to be said that this album is fast as hell, there is some serious speed here. from the second the album starts with Upon Wings Of Black it's speed will blow you away with absolutly amazing drumming from  Derick Nau, and the guitar shredding of Nate garnette.  as far as the vocals go Chance garnette sounds pure evil. the vocals are mostly high pitch growling like most typical black metal vocals. He also at parts does the low pitched growls and hes always grunting and screaming Blasphemously. definatly rally sick vocals that fit really well over the thrashing riffs, which makes a cool and kinda unique take on black metal and thrash. Just watch the Sacrifice For The Slaughter God video and you'll get the idea of what this bands all about- Black sourcery, deer skulls, rotting corspes, long hair, headbanging and thrashing madness.  They are definatly one of my favorite bands on the metal scene right now. they are one of a kind there are other black thrash bands out there such as ToxicHolocaust and Goatwhore, but Skeletonwitch still remain special to me.